The Knowledge Series 3: Recollection @ Plato Sanat

28 September - 20 November 2011

The Knowledge Series 3: Recollection is the third and last part in an exhibition triptych at Plato Art Space, which discusses art’s relationship with the production, mediation and recollection of knowledge.

The exhibition proposes an alternative exhibition structure, it gives the opportunity to see the works from the two previous exhibition in the form of an archive.

Özlem Sulak’s videos deal with personal memory, story and history, and how the private is merged with the public. Genco Gülan’s works in the exhibition discuss the way history is shaped and written, he questions the way knowledge is produced and stored by revealing the weakness of its communication and preservation. Konsortium’s work deals with our current perception of modern utopia, which is now nothing more than a formal pattern of art history.The publication houses, which form the collective Bandrolsüz (Bakkal Press, folio, Onagöre, REC Collective and Too Many Books), show alternative forms and concepts for creating artists’ books and reproductions.

Artists: bandrolsüz, Genco Gülan, Konsortium, Özlem Sulak
Curator: Marcus Graf


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