"in a diminishing singularity" @ alexandrina biennale

Thinking that singularity has two opposites: plurality and nothingness; singularity’s diminishment denotes an increase in the plurality; while on the other hand, it means being closer to zero. Building a layered construction that controverses the additive conjunction of linear logic
, “1” equalizes itself to its two opposites altering its degree of importance. Singularity, figuring as the absence of others, is closer to its lonesomeness every time it multiplies itself. However, it can never ignore its own presence to remain capable to demonstrate other’s absences to strengthen its presence. The ‘absence’,on the other hand, comprehending ‘presence’ as a condition of its existence, can never equalize nullity. 1’s appearance
allows it to question other’s absence. On every page of this indefinite trip, letters of the phrase are cut by holes to attain the letter below. Every time the singularity reduces its letters (to express itself by a single element), it has to repeat itself to show its meaning, and every time it repeats itself, it loses its meaning by being cut. Plurality is the lonesome singularity’s death, which making 0 shaped holes, leaves traces of the nullity.


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