ambivalence dinner (collaborative performance)

Firstly, I direct each person to sit down to his/her place in the dinner table, touching their hand by the velvet gloves –with needles- I put. Then, I sit towards my typewriter and read people their rights. The diners control their behavior in the consciousness that they are all the time on probation by the right teller (me). While the dinner, I type all of their talks (as much as I can catch their words) on the napkins, with mechanic gestures under a cold green light neutralizing the ambience. Then, every napkin (with writings that recorded their talks) is distributed to people around the table. Each one, clean his/her mouth to his/her own talks while the dinner; on the other hand, their napkins (and their talking records) are not clean anymore. Finally, the chat finds its own covered sense, escaping the domination of the rule teller, and every napkin is exposed on the walls after the dinner with the continuing sound of eating.